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Causes & Home remedies for hair fall

Your general health can be determined by the quality and thickness of your hair. Deficient body, sickness and mental stresses have best impact on the disorders of the body. Some of the common problems leading to hair fall are defined below:


Dandruff is the primary reason for hair fall. It refers to the generation of white colored flakes on the scalp area, which falls on clothes, shoulder area and eyebrows. It is essential to keep the hair and scalp clean for getting rid of the dandruff related issues. There are many specialized shampoos available to treat dandruff. People also use several home remedies for treating dandruff. Lemon juice, fenugreek and green gram powder are useful for getting rid of dandruff flakes. It can eliminate the issues related to dandruff and keeps the hair clean and free from bacteria. click here for further information.

Causes & Home remedies for hair fall

Lack of Balanced Diet

The intake of inadequate nutrition is the worst thing for your hair. There are many nutrients essential for the strength of your hair. The people having lack of folic acid or Vitamin B6 in their diet can even get bald. The people who undertake too much of stress or shocks usually get thinning of hair. Other medical conditions also affect your hair and can make you bald. Again, there can be natural remedies included for enriching the hair growth. Gooseberry, henna, coconut oil and many such natural elements are useful in getting best health for your hair.

Age factor

Hair have tendency to lose their color and strength with age. It is quite probable for the hair to turn grey with age. Dried gooseberry and juice of amaranth (chaulai) are helpful in retaining the darkness in color of your hair. Oiling is also essential for preventing grey hair and reduces falling of hair. Exposure of hair to chemicals, direct sunlight or too much dust can make them dull and result in breakage. for further details, visit :…

Tips to STOP hair fall

Are your hair falling out and thinning in density?

You may be looking for the ways to avoid falling out of hair. Here are some tips to follow for reduce and ultimately, stop your hair fall:

  • Consume protein rich diet: The constituents of hair are keratin, which is a form of protein. More protein in your diet will result in better growth of hair. The probability of losing hair will also reduce. Include egg whites, fish and milk in your diet to improve your hair.
  • Hair vitamins: Vitamin C, D, A and B along with minerals and biotin can keep your hair strong and intact.
  • Less stress: Stress causes more hair fall. If you think too much or take excessive stress, it is quite probable that you will lose your hair. It is always better to do some exercises like Yoga to calm your mind and body.
  • Exercise: You should exercise daily to maintain a healthy body. It will also make your hair strong as the blood flow will be coordinated in the best way.
  • Terminate bad habits: Quit alcohol, smoking, excessive caffeine and drugs as these things have negative impact on the immunity and cause falling of hair. Carbonated drinks also contain negative elements, which can weaken the immunity and make your hair easy to fall out.
  • Avoid unnecessary treatments: Take care of your scalp and avoid unnecessary combing, brushing, chemical usage and mishandling of your hair. Excess use of these techniques will weaken the hair from root level and cause hair fall.

Tips to STOP hair fall

  • Oiling helps: Application of oil to your hair is always good. It will give strength to your hair and prevent hair fall. There are some herbal solutions available and they can be used for betterment of scalp. for more information, visit :
  • Trim your hair regularly: Trimming is important to grow healthy hair and prevent its damage. The split ends can cause hair fall and regular trimming can avoid such issues.
  • Dandruff: Keep your hair free from dandruff and other infections. You can get healthy hair, if they don’t contain any elements like dandruff.
Are hair tonics successful in avoiding hair loss?

A few years ago, there was higher popularity of hair tonics for hair styling. The number of products has increased with time and there are so many new things introduced for styling men and women hair. These products are introduced by many companies and are easily available in stores and online. Modern day tonics have the major requirement to prohibit hair loss for males and females. It becomes essential for prohibiting hair loss and getting the hair in healthy situation. Hair tonics perform various functions; including giving shiny appearance to hair, holding them in one place, giving strength to hair and stop thinning.

Hair is the crowning beauty of any female. This beauty might get turned off due to several factors like medicines, diet issues, pregnancy, stress, strained follicles, fatigue and many more. Hair loss may affect women in different ways. There are continuous solutions required for avoiding loss of hair and thinning of your beautiful part of the body. for more information, visit :,,20727114,00.html

Are hair tonics successful in avoiding hair loss?

The first thing is to find out the reason due to which your hair is getting thin. There are plenty of reasons for the same and you need to get the correct one to understand the reason behind this issue. The people having issues related to hair are recommended protein rich balanced diet. Your way of eating matters a lot in reducing the stress on follicles and recovering the lost growth. Hair tonics can strengthen the hair in some cases, but if you are not sure about using them, it is better to meet a dermatologist or hair specialist and ask them about your here for further details.

Some hair tonics also make your hair thin and it will be the worst nightmare for you to spend a lot on any product and getting nothing out of it. The cause of hair fall should be clear before making any purchase for the appropriate product for application on the scalp.…