Andy Bick Protein House

Protein House Menu for Picky Eaters

Protein House is a chain of restaurants in America and it was originated by the conceptual fitness expert Andy Bick. The motive behind this food chain was to make Americans get the healthy diet options instead of the processed and fast food concepts. Andy Bick is a fitness expert and working in this niche from a long time. He has utilized the expertise and experience in formulating the most nutritious and healthy diets for the health concerned Americans. This awareness in health food and fitness stream has led to many positive impacts for the people of the US and they’ve started feeling the importance of good diet, exercising and healthy living.

Protein is an essential element in diet and people of all ages require it in the appropriate quantity. Protein House menu is full of the delicious and nutritious food required for human body. Andy Bick has dedicated all his efforts in giving his whole knowledge with the combinational skills of expert chefs to craft amazing dishes rich in protein. This made to order dining concept has taken up existence in major states of the US and it has attained a lot of popularity for its exclusive diet concepts.

Protein House Locations & Inspiration

At present, Protein House has its outlets in Las Vegas, Utah, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona and California. It is soon getting ahead in many states of the US. A few years back, Andrew Bick and Larissa Reis were workout enthusiasts and professional athletes. They ate healthy and also promoted the importance of natural protein in the diet. They learnt with their experience of finding something delicious and healthy, but couldn’t get many options for the same. This initiated an idea in their mind to begin a food place where people could get serious healthy food.

Andrew and Lisa Knew that there were many people looking for regular protein rich food and Protein House was basically meant for the people looking for healthy eating options. The food had to be delicious and healthy. Protein House has filled this void for health concerned people and they have really started enjoying the sumptuous meals with whole health nutrients. The fitness freaks can get amazing food options in Protein House and eat without keeping any guilt feelings in mind.

Growth of Protein House

Larissa is a celebrity and Andy has a status of successful fitness master. With the joint efforts, Protein House was turned up in the status with social media campaigning. It grew in popularity and people all around the world were attracted to this new healthy concept. Protein House is known for its delicious food, smoothies and coffees; and all the outlets have a friendly and fun environment.

Protein House has the concept similar to a restaurant. The use of social media has collected many people who are interested in healthy eating and fit living. They are focusing on improvement of their lives through healthy eating.

Benefits from Franchise

The initial investment will guarantee the award winning proprietary menu items and recipes. Protein House has amazing food with high nutrition content. There is full research made in designing these menus and experts Andy Bick and Lisa Reis have clubbed up their fitness information with the experienced chefs for amazing dishes. There will be hand-on training given at corporate locations by the skilled chefs and management.

Initial training

The expert management of the company will give ideas about marketing the business, scheduling the corporate events and manage the financial and administrative aspects of business. Everything about menu, setup, installation and ordering will be given a proper training.

The documents are very easy to understand and contain step by step instructions for setting up and running a successful restaurant. The fast starting will give a great response to the restaurant. Proper training modules and program will make you begin the new business endeavor with ease. The timing will be maximized before training and you will get all the information and help you need to launch your new business.

There are top real estate experts, vendors and builders who would assist you for selecting the site for your restaurant. Your location should be approachable to many people and everything else you need to do inside the restaurant will be given in our constructions specs.

Grand Opening

Protein House has developed the best marketing system for effective and rapid beginning of the new restaurant. You will have strategy partners, local media, web, grass root and local marketing strategies given to systematically begin the new venture.

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